Wednesday, May 14, 2014

{Finally} Constance's 5th Lalaloopsy Birthday Party

Last year my daughter was OBSESSED with the Lalaloopsy dolls. Actually ever since they first came out. When they first came out, I couldn't understand what was so cool about them. Here were these dolls with extremely tiny legs and a huge hard plastic head and hard plastic hair. And they didn't do anything! Little by little I realized their little stories and cute names and then I fell in love with them too. Well not like my daughter did, but I thought they were pretty cute and LOVED the different catchy little names.

It was only fitting to give Constance a Lalaloopsy birthday party right??
Here is the invite that I designed.

 The Birthday Girl!
I had my good friend make this shirt for her and found the skirt on the clearance section at Kmart. Shoes are from the converse outlet and I made the headband.
These were favor tag labels that went on mini gable boxes.

I made each child a coloring book.

Found these converse sneakers to go along with the colors that we were using. The inside was the bright green color. I looks yellow in the picture.
Printing of all the party stationery

I had gotten this HUGE piece of cardboard from my previous job and drew this tree from the movies in lalaloopsy land. Then I painted it.

Party prep

Frames for the girls to decorate with buttons.

Number 5 for the front door.

Cute matching headband that I made to coordinate with everything.

Time flies by so fast! Here are a few photos through out the past years

Here at the party the girls were at work coloring in their coloring books!

Then we had story time with a lalaloopsy book.

Had the cake done at Publix. Told them that I wanted little buttons all over the cake and gave them fabric swatches of the colors.

Here they are at work making cute little button frames for their pictures that they will take individually by the lalaloopsy land tree.

Cute packaging for lolipops

I had a friend make super cute chunky necklaces for all the little girls when it was time to open presents. Having a little gift for your party guests helps with making them feel special when the birthday girl is opening her presents. They also sit pretty still too.

After the party was over!

This year's party theme will be BARBIE and we are excited!


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