Friday, October 17, 2014

Roooaarr....Dinosaur Party

If you follow me on facebook, you saw that I posted a little sneak peek of a dino party that a good friend and I put together for her daughter's 3rd birthday. Her little girl is TOTALLY into dinosaurs right now and it was the perfect thing! My friend and I always love to work together on the kids parties and normally plan and go shopping together etc. This time, she had been putting in a lot of hours at work and on the day that we were supposed to go shopping (the day before the party) or at least get together, she calls me and tells me that she is going back in to work after she had already been there that morning! I was like "WHAT"??

But she had to get some rest right? So she decided to go the morning of the party! We stayed on the phone texting and sending pictures to make sure that we got the right stuff that would work. She called when she got back to her house and that's when I went over to help her get things together. Low and behold, we pulled it off!!!

Here are the photos!

 Here was the invite that we designed to invite all the guests to the roaring party!

 The birthday girl striking a pose above and below!

 And then this HAPPENED!!!
You could tell that they were having loads of fun!


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