Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Alert!} Freebie

Hey everyone! To celebrate getting 100+ fans on facebook, I promised everyone a freebie to celebrate. I chose a football party tag freebie as football season is clearly in full swing. And I love me some Clemson Tigers!! So go ahead and download, follow instructions on bottom, print and punch out. Hope you enjoy!!

Looks like I will be needing to throw a football party soon! 

What Happened to that fabric?

Remember the POST I did about some fabric I found?? Are you ready to see what I did with it??! My mom and I turned it into a super cute out fit for the birthday girl herself to wear on her special day!!

A pillowcase dress and some funky ruffled pants! I loved the way it turned out! And so did Constance. As soon as she put it on, she went crazy, running all over the place. We didn't have a pattern so I did the designing of the entire outfit to create my own pattern and my mom did the sewing.

Photography by TMK Photography 
my sister-in-law - she doesn't have her own biz of doing this completely yet, but I think she will get more into it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{Sneak Peek} Dora Fiesta

I so wish I had Constance in like November or December! OR wish that South Carolina would actually become cooler in September. It was sooo hot out on the day of her party, that it seemed like I started to shut down. I love to do things outside, and the heat just wasn't helping. But we are grateful that the skies were clear and there was sunshine. Our first birthday party got rained out and ruined. 

Here is a sneak of the birthday girl in her coordinating party colors.

Stay tuned for more details........

Photography by TMK {photography} Tabitha - my talented sister-in-law

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Collection

The Halloween Collection I showed you a sneak peek of a week or so ago, is FINALLY completed and up in my shop. So sorry for the delay. Juggling a full time job (outside of my creativeness) and running a home bakery and Party design shop can REALLY keep me busy! Even though I love my kids at my pre-school, I gotta keep it up as my goal is to be a stay-at-home mom and work from home once again and eventually open my own cupcake and design shop (like actual store front) :-)

And I also managed to design a really cute boy and girl Halloween design.
Stay tuned for that later this week!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wow Wow Wubbzy Cake

Whew! What a weekend! The Dora fiesta is over and was such a blast! The weekend was crazy though. I took a half day off work on Thursday and all day off on Friday to work on stuff. And along with all the party planning, I took a cake order as well as a custom order for some designs for a friend. Call me CRAZY!! Doing another cake along with all the other baking and decorating I had to do? Of course I will do another cake! I love baking and decorating cakes. It has been a while since I have posted something from the baking/cake side of things. 

The cake was a Wow Wow Wubzy cake. Vanilla inside and vanilla buttercream for the icing, with marshmallow fondant touches.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS. Stay tuned for photos from our Dora Fiesta!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Let the week begin!

Thanks to being sick the ENTIRE week last week, I have so much to catch up on!! I hate being behind on my schedule of things to do. I become completely unorganized, I get overwhelmed sometimes, then I get re-organized and get things under control, then realize I forgot to include something, and it starts all over. Ha ha. Well not that bad. Just a tad bit unorganized right now, but should be good to go when I get home from work.

This week is the week before our little Constance's Dora Fiesta! I am so excited and so is she. She just wants to dig in and help with everything and its so cute, til she brings her crayons over to color on some of the decor. I did manage to get the invitations out like I wanted to. And on to baking, and decorating and finalizing details this week. So much fun!!

I am so thankful to be feeling better. Maybe there was a reason for me to be sick, so I could slow down. This girl here does not know when or how to slow down. Energizer bunny, I am!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Baby Girl's Birthday

Two years ago, today, I gave birth to my baby girl. She weighed 8 lbs, 14 oz and was 23 inches long. She has grown so much and learned so much in the past 2 years. Into a complete little lady, she has turned! It is so amazing watching her learn and grow along with developing more and more personality each day. She can be so silly and goofy sometimes and a tomboy when her best cousin zac comes over. Just like her mommy, girly, but tomboy tendencies. 

Thank you lord, for blessing us with this wonderful baby girl that has brought us so much joy!!
Happy Birthday Constance Savannah-Claire!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

{Sneak Peek 3} Life size Dora

I posted last week some fabric for some things I am working on. And today I am posting a sneak peek for a life size Dora!! What do you think she will be used for?! All I had at first was a picture of Dora on a piece of paper and thinking to myself how in the WORLD am I gonna get her the size of 2 poster boards? Umm, draw her of course. Luckily, I can draw pretty much anything that I see, if I can actually sit long enough to do it. It didn't take too long to do either. At the time, when I started drawing, CK (Constance) was taking a nap and when she woke up, she was amazed and her eyes were about the size of a quarter! She tried to give it a hug and kept saying "hi Dora!". So keep guessing and stay tuned for what happens with this huge Dora!

We also went to the aquarium over the weekend to meet Dora and can you guess what happened with the BIGGEST Dora fan??! She was SCARED of Dora!! She was fine until Dora moved her hand to sit CK down beside her and she started screaming!! Go figure....... It was a great start to some of the birthday festivities though (even if the party is 2 weeks away)!
Hope everyone has a great Monday

Friday, September 10, 2010

{Sneak Peek 2} Halloween Collection

Halloween is next month and I can not believe it. Time - I really need to try and capture some and put it in a bottle because it truly slips away from me! Wouldn't that be nice though to capture time? Such wishful thinking and dreaming.

On to the sneak peek topic, I am really in the Halloween partying mode. I was in Pier 1 the other night and I was just soaking up the inspiration! There was just so much that I wanted to buy for a Halloween party. If you get a chance you really should stop by one of the locations. I am ready to bring on the orange and black and love the thought of adding a touch of another color - something like teal, silver or pink! I designed this collection and it is called "Spooky Bash" They would be great for any Halloween party - adult or child. The party tags are so versatile. There are so many uses for them, like cupcake toppers, favor tags, napkin ring toppers, cup labels, and so much more! I would love to see who can find new ways to use them.

Here is the DIY Printable Invite:
And here are the matching party tags:

I have some more Halloween designs coming next week!
~May even debut earlier~ Stay tuned!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Sneak Peek 1} What I've been up to.....

This past weekend has continued to be a crazy one! Lately, my head has been spinning with ideas. And when I say spinning, it does not stop thinking. Sometimes to the point that I will get a headache. create this, create that...... 

I found some fabric and couldn't decide which I wanted so I got 4 different patterns, but with the same color scheme. I decided to make Constance's birthday out fit with the help from my mom. She is the seamstress!! I can design and cut out, but sewing intimidates me. Probably because the ONE time I did try sewing on my mom's old antique machine, it started sewing and wouldn't stop, even after my foot was off the pedal thingy!! I thought for sure, my mom would come home and I would have to tell her that I broke her sewing machine. Especially when I wasn't supposed to be on it in the first place LOL.

Well I guess I should have asked for some lessons because now, I am dipping into the designing side of things with fabric. And usually when I have a design in my head and my mom doesn't quite get it, she looks at me like I am CRAZY! I suppose anyone should! Who am I to come and tell the "seamstress" what to do? ......I am me and that is what I do. :-) The last time I did that, Constance's BEDROOM stuff came out fabulous. So I just have to say "Mom, trust me. It will turn out cute! Just wait and see!"

This is the other color selection I chose: 

 The orange-y pattern looks more fiesta-ish to me.One reason why I couldn't decide.

I am definitely in a "create" mode. I designed my sister's curtains, my curtains, Constance's curtains (in the past) and my nephew's curtains this past weekend. Stay tuned for completed outfits. More pictures will be coming soon!

P.S. I have something else up my sleeve. Hint: its for little girls!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{Etsy} First Sale

As you may know I opened up my Etsy shop a little over a month ago to sell my party stationary designs. Guess what?! I had my first sale last week for my DIY ice cream thank you cards. My customer wanted them customized a bit more and that is what I did. They came out really cute!

Here is the finished product:

This is the original from my shop:

If you are looking for some custom party essentials, visit my shop to place an order

Friday, September 3, 2010

{Favorite} Cake Friday

This Friday I am featuring a cake shop from Cleveland, Ohio. It is called The White Flower Cake Shoppe. Their cakes are just gorgeous!! So creative and unique.  They even have cake decorating classes. I so wish I was closer to learn some more and actually see their creations and shoppe in person. If anyone is like me and has a love for cake design, you will drool over their pictures and just go off into dream land! 

The cake I chose as my favorite for this week is a pink and orange themed wedding cake. And since I am working on a pink and orange fiesta party, I just had to pick a pink and orange awesome cake design. 

I LOVE this cake! The colors are just so bright and cheery! Just makes you smile and be happy!

Hope everyone has a great and safe Labor Day weekend!!!


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