Monday, September 20, 2010

Let the week begin!

Thanks to being sick the ENTIRE week last week, I have so much to catch up on!! I hate being behind on my schedule of things to do. I become completely unorganized, I get overwhelmed sometimes, then I get re-organized and get things under control, then realize I forgot to include something, and it starts all over. Ha ha. Well not that bad. Just a tad bit unorganized right now, but should be good to go when I get home from work.

This week is the week before our little Constance's Dora Fiesta! I am so excited and so is she. She just wants to dig in and help with everything and its so cute, til she brings her crayons over to color on some of the decor. I did manage to get the invitations out like I wanted to. And on to baking, and decorating and finalizing details this week. So much fun!!

I am so thankful to be feeling better. Maybe there was a reason for me to be sick, so I could slow down. This girl here does not know when or how to slow down. Energizer bunny, I am!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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