Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Sneak Peek 1} What I've been up to.....

This past weekend has continued to be a crazy one! Lately, my head has been spinning with ideas. And when I say spinning, it does not stop thinking. Sometimes to the point that I will get a headache. create this, create that...... 

I found some fabric and couldn't decide which I wanted so I got 4 different patterns, but with the same color scheme. I decided to make Constance's birthday out fit with the help from my mom. She is the seamstress!! I can design and cut out, but sewing intimidates me. Probably because the ONE time I did try sewing on my mom's old antique machine, it started sewing and wouldn't stop, even after my foot was off the pedal thingy!! I thought for sure, my mom would come home and I would have to tell her that I broke her sewing machine. Especially when I wasn't supposed to be on it in the first place LOL.

Well I guess I should have asked for some lessons because now, I am dipping into the designing side of things with fabric. And usually when I have a design in my head and my mom doesn't quite get it, she looks at me like I am CRAZY! I suppose anyone should! Who am I to come and tell the "seamstress" what to do? ......I am me and that is what I do. :-) The last time I did that, Constance's BEDROOM stuff came out fabulous. So I just have to say "Mom, trust me. It will turn out cute! Just wait and see!"

This is the other color selection I chose: 

 The orange-y pattern looks more fiesta-ish to me.One reason why I couldn't decide.

I am definitely in a "create" mode. I designed my sister's curtains, my curtains, Constance's curtains (in the past) and my nephew's curtains this past weekend. Stay tuned for completed outfits. More pictures will be coming soon!

P.S. I have something else up my sleeve. Hint: its for little girls!

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