Friday, July 1, 2011

{Tutorial} Flag Pretzel sticks

The fourth of July is on Monday! Don't have any special treats planned yet, then these flag pretzels will do just the trick. I had fun making these and really tried my best to not eat them while working. It was so hard. Especially when they are so good! Hope you get a chance to try these out over the weekend!

Here is what you will need
Pretzel sticks
candy melts - Red, White and Blue
(2) Disposable piping bag
(2) couplers
(2)number 2 or 3 wilton decorating tips
wax paper
small bowls for melting the candy melts

Melt the candy melts according to package directions, starting with white. Do one color at a time. Dip your pretzel stick in the melting chocolate one at a time and lay on the wax paper to dry. Repeat using the rest of the pretzels. Then let them dry completely. Melt some of the blue candy melts (about a 1/8 - 1/4 of the bag - depending on how many pretzels you are making) making sure not to put in the microwave too long. Dip the tips of the pretzels in the blue (the tip that has already been dipped in white) and lay them down to dry. Repeat with all the rest of the pretzels.

Now we will start with the piping. Melt some red candy melts. About 1/4 of a bag. Get your piping bag ready. Cut the end of your bag {if using a disposable}enough so you can drop your coupler inside, but not so big that your coupler falls completely through. Unscrew the top off your coupler, drop the big part into the bag, add your tip and screw the white coupler part back on. Pour the the red into the bag and be careful sometimes it will drip out the bottom of the tip depending on the consistency. I usually keep mine pointed down in to a cup til I am all set and ready to pipe. Starting with a dried pretzel, put your piping tip at the end where blue stops at the white and pipe straight lines all down the white till you reach the end of the white area. pipe on about 4 more lines and do the same with the rest of the dry pretzels.

Get the next bag ready with a tip and melt some of the white candy melts. 1/8 of the bag should be a good amount. Pour the white melted candy into your piping bag and start piping white dots on the blue area of the pretzels. Let them dry completely and there ya go, You have some fabulous flag pretzel sticks!

Note: for the other 2 different pretzels shown, just pipe on white and red dots and let dry!

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