Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Almost March.....

I think the older I get the faster time flies by! One day left in the month and one day left to accomplish a few goals (okay, quite a bit - but gotta be realistic). I actually did pretty good. I used to plan out goals for the whole year, but then my mentor talked about breaking them down by the month. Wow, that is so much better. A lot more get moved that way. I post them in my bathroom on the mirror on the left side. When ever I accomplish one, I move it to the right side. I am more on top of my game than I have ever been! Thankful for that....

So with the new month coming, comes another fun holiday! Well, its not fun to get pinched, though! I created some fill in yourself designs since time goes by so fast. They are instant downloads, meaning whenever they are purchased, you will be able to down load them instantly and print right at home! They are perfect for school parties, a get together with friends, and just any St. Patrick's Day party!

Here they are:
Purchase Yours 

Purchase Yours

Purchase Yours

Purchase Yours

My favorite is the clover in the back ground with the over flowing pot of gold! Which one is your favorite?

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