Monday, March 31, 2014

{GIVEAWAY} Growing my business

Its a bright new Monday and a PERFECT day to start a giveaway! The past 2 months have have decided to really jump in to my business and make things happen! I have always had the burning desire inside me to have my own business - doing something that I LOVED to do. Designing pretty invitation papery, art prints and planning parties brings true joy to my heart (along with giving back to help others).

I have come to realize that through all the things I have tried before, one of my PASSIONS is creating invites to help others create wonderful memories together with their amazing parties. I LOVE to plan parties. A great party can make someone feel special. And did you know that parties also help with confidence in little girls? I am sure that is with everyone! No matter the occasion, parties truly create memories. It all starts with getting that invitation in the mail to let you know that you have been invited to a fabulous birthday bash!

I believe that there is a time for everything. In the past, I have been extremely quiet with telling others about what I love doing, but this time around, I am not holding back. Even though being comfortable feels pretty good most the time, I am stepping out of my comfort zone. How else will someone know what I do if they aren't informed?  I have huge dreams and vibrant visions and I am going after them. I thought for a long time that I need more of this or more of that, but the truth is I have everything I need right here. Everything is already on the inside of me (and you)! We are equipped with everything that we need in order to succeed!

I want to inspire you to go after your dreams and to dream big. The reality may make it seem completely impossible, but always remember - ANYTHING is possible! No, it won't be easy and you wont always have the answer, but just go for it and the pieces will fall into place when they need to. You don't have to have it ALL figured out!

I NEED YOUR HELP! Can you help me get the word out about Crystal Keefer Designs? I know you have friends that love entertaining and friends that have kids and will need invites for all their special occasions. I would love to become their go to person for all their party papery needs!

On to the GIVEAWAY! I appreciate each and everyone of you and thank you for supporting my business!

Wondering what is on the giveaway list???

1. Something else that I LOVE is coffee. Good tasty coffee. How about $25.00 to pay for your coffee for a week? You will have the choice between a Biggby Gift Card or a Starbucks gift Card!

2. Sometimes we don't say Thank You enough in writing. I LOVE to receive hand written notes in the mail! The Lucky winner will win 1 sample pack of Note cards - 10 note cards all different colors!!

3. Inspirational art prints keep me grounded when I start to think crazy stuff. They are so nice to have around to keep you inspired! I love having 2 8x10s in my home office on the wall. The lucky winner will receive 2 ART PRINTS of their choice. AND they will be able to customize the colors!!

Here is how to enter:
Leave a comment below telling me SOMETHING that you can't wait to do this spring!
- also a way for me to get in contact with you (email address)
-open for the US only (sorry!)

A few other ways to enter:
Become a fan of Crystal Keefer Designs on facebook and comment saying that you did or that you are already a fan!

 Tell your friends about Crystal Keefer Designs and tell them to leave a post on my wall saying that you sent them!

Giveaway will end Monday, April 7th at Noon! Winner will be announced on Tuesday April, 8th!!

Good Luck!!


  1. I wish you all the best of luck in your business venture and hope it "Springs forth" with an abundance of business! I am taking a mini-road trip this coming weekend to get away for Spring, which I am very much looking forward to in order to catch up with long distance friends. :) I, of course, I am already a fan of your FB Page! I will be spreading the word this week for you through facebook. Make it a great week!

  2. Nice site I'm a fan!! I can't wait for spring so I can spend more time outside :) rather than indoors. Liked and shared your page.

  3. Hi Crystal, You have beautiful designs, I really love them, I am already a fan on FB, what I look forward to do this spring is to spend more time at the pool with my kids :) and professionally I'm excited to earn my car :) My unit and I are getting close :) YAY :)
    Ruth Ruffin



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