Monday, July 14, 2014

{New Monday Theme} Inspiration Monday

I started thinking over the weekend about how I love to inspire people and just create positive vibes all around me. I also like sharing little inspiration images that I create on my facebook page in hopes to at least inspire someone that maybe having a down day. So I came up with doing Inspiration Monday. Every Monday, I will share some inspiration with you!

There are so many people that just hate Mondays. I personally love them because I look at it as it being a new day to a new week to try again to get things done or to keep pressing forward and work for new things. Its a new start and I am choosing to embrace it.

Here is the inspiration for today:

There are many people that just float through life wishing away the days. As soon as one day comes in they are ready for it to be night time so that day can be over. That is not a way for us to live. We should be passionate about life and find our true passion. Do what we absolutely love doing. Even when that seems impossible, start small. One step at a time and always dream big. Dont have a mindset for little dreams. Have a mind set for big dreams.

Dont for once let that negative thinking settle in and think that you will never get there or be afraid to dream. Dont let one little disappointment determine how you live the rest of your life! You were made to accomplish great things - not the same things as your neighbor - but great things in your own way.

I hope you have a great Monday and an AMAZING week!

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