Monday, September 8, 2014

A Late Inspiration

I have been posting some of the inspiration Monday quotes on my facebook page. Thought I would share here :-)

I have always love Maya Angelou! She was one bright cookie, that had the best words for everything. There was so much life, truth and beauty in her poems! I chose this one because I know many people struggle with the definition of success.

There is so much in society that tries to mold us to think that we have to something a certain way in order for us to be successful. Or if we don't do something like someone else that has done something similar, then our way is wrong. Totally not true. When we follow those myths, we end up on a road of feeling like a failure, feeling like we are not good enough, and like we will never rise to the top one day.  We need to become happy with the way we do things and believe that we are different and we are unique so we should like how we do things. Embrace the beauty and the uniqueness that is YOU! Love WHO you are and let your light shine bright. Who cares what anyone else thinks. If you are seeking advice or critiquing, that is one thing, but be true to yourself and love how you do things. It frees you to be who you were created to be!

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