Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October's Leftovers

Well as we all can see we are in the 2nd week of November - ALREADY! This month will have come and gone before we know it. Then, it will be December! Since I wasn't able to get online the week after Halloween, I wanted to share some photos from class gifts, to my nephew's class treat bags, etc.

I made these labels for my nephew's class. Each child had their own name on their bag with lots of goodies inside.

I used my Spooky Bash kids collection to create these. One for the boys and one for he girls.

Here shown with the water bottle labels. Love the cute mini bottles that my sister found.

A special bag my sister made just for Constance.

Mini treat bags and Marshmallow pops, I made for my class. The original plan was to put labels on the fronts of these, but when I went to print, the ink was EXTREMELY low and did not print the right colors. Go figure!

Halloween Marshmallow pops

My Clemson (tiger) Fairy! I guess she did spread some luck to those tigers because they sure did win their next game the following weekend!


  1. Hi Crystal!! Thanks for visiting my blog today!! Love the pics - and you're little girl is a doll! How old is she? My daughter is 4. So glad to meet you and I am signing up to follow you right now! Can't wait to see more of your posts!!

  2. Thank you so much! She turned 2 in September! Thanks for following me! Cant wait to see yours either! So exciting.



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