Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Pretty} Foam Gingerbread House

I have always loved making gingerbread houses. The real ones with the actual cookie and icing/frosting with candy decor. My daughter ,Constance (CK), on the other hand loves to eat icing and loves sweets just like her momma! Can you blame her? So I knew that a real gingerbread house was out of question for this year. I was too happy to find a foam and sticker version in girly colors at Walmart. Constance is OBSESSED with stickers and when she saw all the glittery stickers in the pack, she was estatic! I helped her create her gingerbread house and she loved the end result. 

Here are some pictures of her working hard :-)

I would love to see some pictures of things you guys have created during this holiday season! 

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