Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Cake Friday


I am back to doing  favorite cake friday and finding all kinds of inspirational cakes from great cake artists. Valentine's Day will be coming up and I am starting to see a lot of Valentine's Day inspiration coming about everywhere. I hear that Target has a lot of cute stuff for decorating. Can't wait to get a free moment to check it all out. Time to start decorating! Actually not even noticing the colors, I changed my dining room table decor to pink, orange, fushia, and red. Well that got checked off the list before getting onto the list!

On to the cake for today. This cake is absolutely GORGEOUS! It is by Kate Sullivan of Cake Power. Kate was on TLC's Famous Cakes and I am glad that I was able to catch that episode. Her studio was just cute. Nice and white - very clean lined - with cake displays giving it the right pop of color. I would love to have this cake for valentine's day. Well maybe just the top tier. I am sure my hips, thighs, and belly would not thank me stuffing my face with all that cake. Kate's other cakes are just phenomenal! Be sure to check them out. So much talent, this woman. I could just drool over them all day.

Stay tuned next week for the Flower cupcake stand tutorial! Have a great and safe weekend!

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