Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Freebie} Superbowl Team Printable Tags

Are you guys ready for the Superbowl? Greenbay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. It is going down this Sunday! I want to have a get together here at our home, but not quite sure if that is going to happen. If it does, it will be VERY last minute. I have to work all this week (my full-time job) and on Saturday all my co-workers including myself have to go away all day long for DSS training. Wahoo! So much fun *in my most sarcastic voice*

I did want to create a free printable for you to use during your parties. There is one for the Steelers and one for the Packers. I hope you all have loads of fun and find lots of creative ways on using them!

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