Thursday, March 24, 2011

{Tutorial} DIY Curtains

I know I mostly talk and blog about food and papery designs, but from time to time, I like to post some other things designs related on here. My daughter has moved to a "big girl" twin size bed and I have been wanting to redo her room. Well she has been in a big girl bed since before she turned two, it was just a toddler daybed from when I converted her crib. She absolutely loves the twin bed! I won't post pictures of it yet as I am not done with all my shopping and found the right, comforter just yet. I may just make my own. :-) Like I kinda-sorta did before she was born here

I did decide on colors for her new curtains and they were all green. (I got these at target for $18.00 and included both panels!) The green was just a bit too plain to me. So, I thought, how can I make these pop a little bit more? Adding ribbon trims to them. Ribbon really fixes everything doesn't it?!

So here is what you need:
Iron or steamer
2 panels (at the length you need. These are 84' long)
fabric glue or iron bonding glue
ribbon colors of choice
Large ruler or measuring tape ( to help guide a straight line)

First, I Ironed both panels to get the wrinkles out. This can also be done with a steamer. I then laid one panel at a time, flat out on my carpet. Then lined one color of ribbon in a straight line on top of the curtain, where I want it to be glued down. I left about 1/2 inch on each end so it could be tucked around the sides and glued down as well. I worked my way from one side to the other lifting and gluing til I got to end. If you need to use a large ruler to help guide a straight line, don't be afraid to do so!

(sorry for the messy pic, I was in the process of figuring out what I was going to do)

Then, repeat the steps with the rest of the colors.

And Viola! Custom curtains for under $20.00!!


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  2. Thank you so much Toni! I am glad to hear that my blog is stylish!



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