Monday, October 25, 2010

A forgotten party

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a great weekend. As for me, I completely forgot about this party that I put together along with my friend Lisa - a cake decorator herself. Lisa and I met at a bible study group for women last year (through our church) and realized that we had a lot in common when we started planning this little holiday brunch as a closing of our study group. It was really fun to do as we were trying to stay within a tight budget. Lisa is very talented in the kitchen - pretty much all around. She does hair also! Lisa did all the food and helped with organizing and I did the party decor, organizing and the cookie jars.

But here are the pictures! Enjoy!

Here is the invite I designed

 The yummy mini cinnamon rolls and Chicken florentine ring

These were my first days of designing party tags :-)

 I made A LOT of these jars for gifts for the ladies. You can hardly see, but there are pink M&Ms in the jars also.

lemon tartlettes and bacon knots and bacon wrapped sausage

Mini quiche and holiday wraps with cream cheese, swiss cheese, roast beef and garlic.

 Lisa's Marshmallow pops

 Cards that were place in the room. The definition of Pink and Brown. The colors that were chosen for the event

These cards were place around the room as a reminder of what we learned during the whole bible study.

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