Monday, July 26, 2010

{AMAZING} Alice In Wonderland Photo shoot

I had been on the edge of my seat waiting for this photo shoot! Dying to see the whole thing come together and to see all the pictures. There are some REALLY talented ladies out there. I am just Amazed with the talent that these ladies have! 

Kim with The Tomkat Studio along with her BFF Laura with Laura Winslow Photography, did this bright and modern Alice in Wonderland photo shoot. With Kim styling the table, I knew it could be nothing short of FABULOUS!! She is like the do-it-all mommy! Very inspirational in everything she does. Kim has been such an inspiration to me for remembering to keep going and pressing forward and I know that she inspires many others as well. 
You can just feel the energy in everything, from her blog to her facebook posts. A bright colored Alice in Wonderland collection she created, it really makes your spirit "fly". Anything bright, count me in. It has the same effect that the sun has on us. A "lifting" effect. LOVE IT!!

Laura, Kim's friend, truly has a great eye for photography. I love how she can really capture the moment. The photos really take you back to that day and you can get lost in them because they are so gorgeous. Seeing the kids eyes sparkle in a photo is just amazing. I love photography, not that I do it or anything, but just love the whole aspect. And these photos really reflect the person behind the camera. You can tell that this is a true passion of hers.  They are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

These two ladies weren't the only ones behind the shoot. Check out the others  made it all happen!!!
Photographer :: Laura Winslow
Tablescape Styling/Accessories & Party Goods :: The TomKat Studio
Cupcakes & Cookies :: Decadent Delights
Poms, Lanterns, Napkins, Cups & Paper Plates :: Polka Dot Market
Flowers :: Zuzu's Petals
Hair Accessories :: Dolce Vita Mia 
Thanks to Kim and Laura for letting me share!!!

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