Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Ideas} Constance's Room decor

When I was pregnant with Constance, I became overwhelmed with all the different bedding out there. And the one's I really wanted would end up costing me over $1,000 for EVERYTHING!!! I was not about to spend that kind of money on something that would only be good for a couple of "baby" years. So I set out to design my own. I designed and cut everything and my mom did the sewing. Since we had no patterns everything had to be cut from scratch Not too bad for a first time getting the idea for sewing something.

Fabric used {Pink and green Paisly }

Here is the changing table area. You can see the custom made changing pad cover. The changing table was actually a good will find that we painted to match the rest of the furniture. The original color was tan.

Here is the rocker chair with the custom slip covers. Another cheap find - yard sale! Had blue cushions and the wood color was tan. Amazing what a good paint job can do!

A friend made these letters for me as a baby shower gift! She was super crafty! In the bed is her patchwork blanket that was custom made as well! Forgot to get a picture of it open as it is folded here. We just took the front railing off her bed so she can sleep like a big girl. Though, I find her laying across me in my bed at night, she has been doing pretty well with the adjustment.
The bumper, bedskirt and sheet came from babies r us. And now that I think about it, I could have made that stuff as well. Next on my list is to really learn how to sew!!!

These are the valances we made to coordinate with everything else. The panels came from another store. One of them looks kind of yellowish in the picture, but its actually green - sunlight coming through the window.

And this is an alphabet banner custom made by me to coordinate with her room! 

Banner Will Be Available For Purchase Soon!!!!!

I am looking to change things up in her room a little or maybe completely. Ideas are welcome especially for the walls since I can't paint. 

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