Thursday, July 22, 2010

{New} Invitation Design

I have been working on quite a bit of invitations lately, but one I want to share at the moment is a Fiesta {Dora} invite I have designed for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I can not believe that my baby girl will be 2 in September. Seems like I just came home with her yesterday. I can still remember the exact outfit I had on and the exact outfit she had on the day we had the "ok" to come home. After spending 10 days in the hospital, we were to thrilled to have her home. Wish there was a button moms could push to slow down time and have them grow up slower........

Any how, as I have said before, I am not big on character parties, but want to incorporate some of the "Dora The Explorer" things into her party. For the wording you can see I used Dora's main saying from the show. The color inspiration came from Dora herself. The pink (shirt), orange (shorts) and brown (hair). I hope I can pull this off and still give baby girl a party of her most favorite tv character. I am open on any ideas anyone may have :-)

There are 2 versions that I am trying to decide over.
Here is the Fiesta Invite with flowers at the bottom:

And the other with Circles at the bottom:
Let me know what you think!!

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