Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

(sorry for the picture quality)

I attended a baby shower this past weekend for a dear friend and decided to make a cake for a gift. She is having her first baby and a girl at that! I LOVED seeing all the pink and the tiny baby clothes along with her new Chicco pink and tan carseat/stroller combo. This color option so was NOT available when I had my daughter! Everything just gets cuter and cuter as years go by and more stuff is invented for babies. Makes me think about having another.....only for 1 second, then I SNAP back to reality. Ummm, NO can't handle another pregnancy or baby right now! LOL. Seriously make it stop, if I go to a store that has baby stuff, I will truly start mesmerizing. 

I tried my best to stay the entire time at the baby shower, but my mini me decided she wasn't going to listen to mommy and get into stuff. She saw some decor that looked like toys to her, a "ball" and goes to throwing them. *GASPS* and praying in my head that they were not breakable! Finally I decided to leave early. I was sad to leave but I could not have her trying to break things. Before we got out of the neighborhood, baby girl was OUT - knocked out sleeping. And she could not have done that 2 minutes prior???!!

I did her cake to match the invitation from the shower, and I could not find it anywhere after the shower to take a picture of it!!! It was a vanilla cake, tinted pink on the inside, with buttercream frosting and fondant accents. And I could have thrown my camera when I was trying to take a picture! It had a mind of its own and wanted to do what "it" wanted to do........Hello dear camera, I am the one to operated you!!!

And here is that LOVELY Chicco pink and tan stroller that I am in aww over:

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