Monday, August 2, 2010

DC Cupcakes & Hunter boots!

Has anyone been watching DC Cupcakes on TLC. The name of their cupcake shoppe is actually called Georgetown Cupcake. The show premiered about 3 weeks ago and its been pretty fun to watch. Its a little different, but I watch because I know these sisters have something great going for themselves and I could always learn something.Their cupcakes really do look good and will have to make a stop to their shop if I am in the DC area one day. OR have them shipped to my house. They are known for LONG lines with an hour wait time. WOW!! The things people will do for a cupcake!

BUT, have you seen their PINK Hunter Boots??!! Rain boots at that?? The sisters have worn them on the show during their winter snowy weather and I about fell out when I saw them! Those boots are smokin' HOT and I am in LOVE! I noticed these boots a long time ago, but they were in a not so cool color so I didn't look any further into them. Pink is my favorite color and EVERYthing looks good in pink!! 

And lately around the Charleston area it has been storming and raining just about every afternoon. These boots sure will come in handy. That will be my excuse for paying the $125.00 for them or because the Brittish wear them (I have a slight obsession with the Brittish lol), when my husband says "you're gonna pay what for what??" They are so darn cute! When I was researching them, even Princess Di had a pair!! I like that they look more like a riding boot than the traditional lower end rain boot that we see a lot of. And I just had to see what other colors there were........
Black of course

High Gloss Pinkish/Purple

Or I could just take one of each!!! Well that might just be a little bit tacky!
Find them at Hunter Boots

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