Monday, August 16, 2010

Cake and Designs From Weekend

This weekend was a busy one! Not to mention working full time during the whole week as a preschool teacher. Seriously I had no idea how I was going to function on Saturday. I had a cake order and some announcement keepsake cards to make for the weekend. My mind was tired, body aching..... My original plan was to stay up all night Friday after I got home from work. I'm thinking no biggie, I stay up all time time when I am not doing anything important. 

Friday came and I CRASHED!!! Didn't even know I fell asleep on the chaise. I recall being in the kitchen cleaning and telling my husband to leave the channel to Blue Crush (loved that movie). Then he calls back "if you are gonna stay in there cleaning, I am going to turn the channel". So I stop and tell myself, okay just watch it for a bit and get back to the kitchen. HA! That is when I crashed - watched like 5 minutes I think. So I went to bed. Had to come up with a new plan! So that was to set my alarm for 4:30 am to take out the butter, eggs, and milk/buttermilk so they can come to room temp. Then set alarm again for like 5:15 for me to wake up and start on everything.

Ran into a few other issues, but I got things done! Here is the invitation I designed for a high school friend.

Here is the keepsake card:

And here is the cake:

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