Monday, August 30, 2010

Cookies N Cream Cupcakes

If anyone is like me and LOVES all things Cookies N Cream, then they will love these cupcakes!!! Back when I was younger, I would go to Dairy Queen everyday during my lunch break to get an oreo cookie blizzard! Thank goodness for great metabolism during those days! At our mall we have a cookies n cream frappe that I fell in love with and those would take up part of my lunch when I worked across the street from the mall. Recently I found cookies n cream frozen yogurt at Publix, which is only 2 g of fat per half cup! So much better than the regular ice cream at 7-8 grams of fat per half cup.

I made these cupcakes for a get together at a friends house one night. All the firefighters including my husband (EMT- Intermediate now) got together and had dinner and some good laughs. It was only fitting for me to bring some sweets. Cookies n cream cupcakes it was. I made two versions. One with the original oreo cookie and one with the golden oreo cookie. Both were amazing!!!!!

Want a similar recipe?! Find it here on Beantown Baker Blog
Changed entire recipe for me, but I cant share all my secrets :-) I did make the ones from Beantown Baker and they were delish as well!

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