Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6-23-06 The day I became Mrs.

Today I celebrate being married to the most wonderful man, one that I can truly call my best friend. I am very honored to be able to call him my husband and I thank God for putting him in my life. Words can't describe how much he means to me. We met in June of 2005, got married in June of 2006 and had our wedding on our 1 year anniversary in June of 2007.

Happy Anniversary Babe!

I put together a few pictures with our wedding colors - Blue and white with a touch of pink.

These were our engagement pictures.

I was planning on making a cake for our anniversary, but we are still munching on a lot of cake and cupcakes I made over the weekend for Father's day. And I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from more cake.

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