Thursday, June 24, 2010

German Chocolate Cupcakes & Red Velvet Mini Cakes

My husband LOVES German chocolate cake. Though we have been married for 4 years, I have never made him a German chocolate cake. One reason was I didn't like coconuts and thought how could I surprise him with something I haven't tasted. Everything has to go through my taste test before being served. Eventually I did come around to liking coconuts and was able to make him something German chocolate. I chose cupcakes and made them for his Father's day treat. They came out wonderful. Super moist cake, chocolate frosting with a center of German chocolate icing/topping.

And along the lines of Father's Day treats. I made these red velvet mini cakes for our dads. Both our dads love red velvet cake. And once again, I didn't always make red velvet cake because I thought cream cheese was gross. My sister was the one that would make it for my dad in the past. I decided to make it this year. The red velvet cake was delish!

I could have just eaten that all day by itself, which I kind of did that anyway. The first batch I made, I decided to be lazy and spray my pans with PAM instead of using my easy off stuff I normally use. BAD IDEA! Things got messy trying to get the cake out the pans. So I just crumbled the cake up and put it in another container to brave another recipe that called for crumbled cake.

Sorry For the poor quality picture, my camera was being silly.

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