Monday, June 7, 2010

First party "attempt" for my daughter.

It will soon be that time again to have my daughter's birthday party. It is 3 months away, but the way time seems to fly these days, it will be here in no time. For her first birthday party we did a ladybug theme and I worked hard on alot of details. Black and red lady bug with a touch of pink and green. Pink green and white cake with a red and black ladybug colored smash cake. Everything was gonna be perfect.......UNTIL......we got rained out in the park. Everything was ruined! It was such a sad day for me :-(

Here are some of the pictures we managed to get.

My precious baby girl, Constance, at one year old!

Down came the rain and washed the party out!
I couldn't think straight to try and salvage anything. Even though I was smiling, my jaw was on the ground!

The Cake I made - didn't get a picture til after the rain! You can see on the cake board where its soaked and spots all over and the green boarder smashed. In the trash it went. Her ladybug smash cake was a mess! it was a mini cake iced in red with black polka dots all over it.

I made all kinds of cute stuff: marshmallow pops, red favor bags with all kinds of neat stuff inside, other favor treats, had a "write your wishes for Constance" area and a lot more! There was something else that I was not happy about, but I wont say.

So new party plans are in order for baby girl. She loves Dora, but I don't care for character theme parties. We will see how that goes!

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