Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cake Decorating

Ever since my mother-in-law signed me up for my very first cake decorating course, I have been in love with cake decorating! I started to enjoy cooking when I got married and then baking came along, although my sister and I would bake a lot of times with my mom. So to add cake decorating (the right way) to baking cakes was just wonderful. A cake creation that tasted good as well as looked good - perfect. My next thing needs to be decorating a tiered cake. I have let that intimidate me for quite some time now and I really don't know why. Once I try it, I know it will be a piece of cake. I am making a promise to myself to try it one day VERY soon.

Here is one of my VERY first decorated cakes.

This is my 2nd cake fully decorated.

This one is from Course 3, but not my 3rd cake.

And here are a few that were done for friends and family

This one was one from just starting out with cake decorating. And took the picture with my phone. Was rushing to get out the door and couldn't find my camera. So sorry for the not so good picture.

Some of my other work can be seen HERE, HERE, and HERE

I love that you continue to learn with each cake made. It is so relaxing to get into the zone of cake decorating and baking. That is so my therapy for a stressful or crazy day, just get in the kitchen and bake a cake (or cookies, brownies, pies.....hungry yet??)

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