Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day I Will Never Forget

I know this is of a different topic, but deserved a post!

Today is the anniversary of the Sofa Super Store fire that happened here in Charleston 3 years ago. I remember that day as plain as anything. My husband was on duty and called me to inform me of the HUGE fire that was going on and that they may get called out to help. I was sad, knowing that there were firefighters in the building and that they may not make it out and terrified that my husband may have to go. I cried and prayed for everyone's safety. I called my mom to pray with her on the phone and cried some more. Told her to get a prayer line going and call her friends and get them to pray. I wanted to go and drive my car to the fire station where my husband was and park the car in front of the bay area so the guys in the Summerville area, including my husband, wouldn't be able to go if they got called to go and help. Selfish thinking, I know. There was so much going on through my head, hoping that I would soon get a phone call or see my husband the following morning. 

9 guys weren't so lucky to get out of that fire.These 9 men belonged to someone - someone's sons, brother, father, husband, cousin, something to someone.

I can't imagine the pain and knowledge of knowing you will not be making it out. It still brings tears to my eyes and saddens my heart. These guys are true heroes and will always be remembered.
Wear Red Today to Honor And Remember Our Fallen Heroes!


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