Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Cars" Theme Party

Before I get into the party stuff, I just have to put a word or two in about my day. So why is it when i decide to get groceries (most of the time) it rains and my husband is working a 24 hour shift?! Today was the worst one yet. It POURED! We tried wasting as much time in the store as we could to see if the rain would stop, but that didn't happen. I finally decided to suck it up and have a fun run with Constance to the car. Rolled the jeans up and threw the flip flops in the cart and took off. At least Constance liked the "shower" and thought it was extremely funny. Then realized I couldn't get home due to flooding. The firefighters and police had some of the roads blocked off. Every way I tried to go I ran into water. Deep water and to see that the entrance to our complex was flooded like crazy! I was so wishing for that truck or SUV today. I managed to come up with a plan and go hang out with my in-laws til everything calmed down. Then came home to quickly work on an order I had to fill.

Okay so back to the party.......I had a really fun time working on this party for my nephew. We didnt get a photographer this time, but I was able to snap some pictures of some of the details. I was able to do my very first dessert table. And made everything on it except the oreos, twizzlers and tootsie rolls of course. I liked how the cake turned out. Cute but simple! Ready to get my hands in something else.

Here are some collages I put together to showcase everything with the birthday boy in the first.


  1. Found you on Dreamers and Doers! Today my mind was on racing themes... Very cute cake!



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